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Blue Rhine Industries

Blue Rhine Industries is Dubai based signage manufacturer providing innovative sign solutions.

Blue Rhine Industries is established in the year 2003 with an aim to become pioneers in manufacturing & offering Sign solutions in retail,architectural,way finding and advertising signage.

Blue Rhine Industries(BRI) has a dedicated and efficient work force of over 100 members in UAE factory. BRI also has an additional manufacturing facility in Bangalore. BRI has representative offices in Abu Dhabi & Ajman within UAE and overseas offices in Saudi Arabia & Oman. BRI has installation partners in Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait & Nigeria to execute the signage installation.



success stories


VOX Cinemas has requested BLUERHINE to produce Light boxes that are super slim and are still illuminated by LED’s. Blue Rhine has proposed PROFIL Flex face Tension System along with SLIMLIGHT Honey comb pads.

Green Statement

img1 Green Signs - Our Contribution to a Sustainable Future  Terms like sustainability, carbon footprint, and LEED certified have become part of our daily language and pro...